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Former Terra Linda standout Tye playing for North Bay Wave
before returning to UCLA squad

Marin IJ - by Theo Fightmaster - June 20, 2013 - Read Original Article

MADISON TYE has an empty dorm room, a clean bill of health and a blank slate.

The former Terra Linda High soccer standout is home this summer following her freshman year at UCLA. After a bout with mononucleosis that plagued her in the spring, Tye is back on the pitch looking to regain her game-ready form. And with UCLA hiring new women's soccer coach Amanda Cromwell, Tye is eagerly preparing to make a lasting first impression on her new mentor.

To help her do that, this summer Tye is playing for the North Bay Wave FC, Marin's first Women's Premier Soccer League team in its fourth season. The Wave (2-1-1) hosts the Sacramento Storm (0-4-0) at 4 p.m. Saturday at Novato High.

While Tye is living out her collegiate fantasy - attending UCLA and playing for the title-contending Bruins - she hasn't fallen complacent. In fact, her introduction to NCAA Division I women's soccer was an eye-opener to what she must do if she wishes to be more than a uniform-clad spectator.

"I went in kind of unsure about the whole situation," said Tye of her first year with the Bruins. "I quickly realized that I was a very small fish in a big pond. "...I went (to UCLA) having always been one of the better players. Then I got there and I realized these girls were all the best players from where they came from.

"These girls are in the national pool, winning all sorts of things. They had more experience than I did. I realized I had a lot of work to do."

Tye expected growing pains. But the physiology major didn't know to what degree. Balancing her new challenge with a rigorous academic schedule, Tye had to acclimate. She quickly came to a realization it takes others longer to glean, admitting, "Basically (every aspect of my game) needed to improve."

With that understanding, Tye is using this summer as an extension of her freshman year. With the Wave the local news source midfielder will play with and against some of the region's best players, including Marin high school players and Wave teammates Darcy McFarlane and Alyssa Devine.

Wave coach Luis Quezada is more than happy that Tye will be honing her craft with his squad, and said it's not surprising Tye made her way to UCLA.

"I've been coaching for quite a long time," Quezada said. "There have been a lot of great players that have come out of Marin. "...You pretty much know when they're younger that they're going to be playing Division I soccer. They're disciplined, they're coachable and they just have the heart, the desire that you see at a young age. Madison's always been a kid that there's no doubt that she was going to play at a very high level."

The Wave hopes to continue playing at a high level themselves. The upstart franchise finished second in 2010 and '11, and tied for first place last season. Quezada hopes to bring home a national title in 2013.

But with the Wave, wins aren't the only bounty. The organization is applying for a non-profit 501c3 status. It looks to promote women's sports, and raise awareness around issues that plague women, such as eating disorders and breast cancer, said Quezada. Saturday's match will double as a fundraiser benefitting the Novato Youth Center and the Novato Youth Soccer Association.

Perhaps it's that philanthropic mindset and a holistic approach that has players like Tye joining up.

"He's a great coach," said Tye of Quezada. "He understands that girls are coming back from school and have different needs, and are trying to improve on different things. He's really good at incorporating what each girl needs and wants, and trying to bring that together in a team sense, and still do well with the Wave as a program."

Now Tye, with her newfound perspective, and ambitious rededication effort under way, is hoping to fulfill the promise UCLA saw in her.

"Madison is a great player and athlete," said UCLA assistant coach Louise Lieberman, a holdover from the previous regime. "Her ability to set the tone in a game and be a presence is an asset. We look forward to her progress and future here as a Bruin."

Tye shares that hope saying, "Now I have experience and know what UCLA is like, in a competitive environment, and I have much higher hopes for this season. I learned so much about my soccer skills, about me, last season.

"You can't really simulate your freshman year, and playing against these girls, and playing at the collegiate level. Now you just have to go out and do it."

For more information about the North Bay FC Wave contact team president Birgit Byers at (415) 302-6779, or e-mail

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