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Women Soccer North Bay Athletes

Uganda Children and Women
Development Initiative

Abuse to women and children in Uganda is real and horrifying. Their social status is considered inferior to men, and they are trapped in economic dependance on their tormenters, unable to protect themselves or their children. Many suffer from HIV/AIDS, due to older men forcefully infecting them with it from a young age. Living with violence is a daily struggle for women in Uganda, partially due to a lack of financial independence.

The Uganda Children and Women Development Initiative nonprofit aims to initiate, conduct, and assist programs who employ and engage abused women and children. In addition to financial aid, learning centers will be established to improve knowledge of academic, cultural, musical, artistic, literary, scientific, technical, vocational, and commercial subjects to improve social welfare.

Contributions to the nonprofit go toward:

  • Purchasing a Friesian cow, to sell the milk and any offspring
  • Seeds, fertilizers, and training to establish a small farm
  • Youth soccer programs including training and equipment
  • Learning centers and education courses

Youth Soccer Program
Soccer teaches sportsmanship, team loyalty, and is a safe environment for having fun that the underprivileged children in Uganda deserve to experience. The nonprofit plans to create a training program that offers instruction, equipment, and practice fields. To help achieve that goal, the North Bay FC Wave is collecting used soccer gear at its Santa Rosa games to ship for distribution to the youth in Uganda.

North Bay FC Wave hopes to raise awareness about the critical situation. Both our Santa Rosa games (June 5 & July 17) in 2016 will be fundraisers specifically for this cause. Please join the Wave in our support of the women and children of Uganda.

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